Revolutionary taxi platform

Hustle App is the first blockchain based ride hailing application in the Middle East from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Just tell our App where to take the you and Hustle will do the rest for you in the safest, fastest and easiest way.

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With blockchain technology as our backbone, all transactions are encrypted and tamper free. Meaning your privacy is safe and secured. Hustle doesn’t share any sensitive information to anyone at all times.

No Middleman

Without the middleman, our Partners can directly enjoy the profit without the need to share the commission.


Decentralization makes it easy for the users to not fall prey to any corporate schemes. We aim to offer Affordable service at all times that can be enjoyed by every user. No hidden charges are imposed.

Multiple Features

App is Super Easy to use and its very intuitive for beginners, Drivers and Users


The app is available on Android,iOS and Webapp

Free Updates

Once installed the app will be updated automatically we are constantly working on its update. Hustle app users will forever have free updates ensuring productivity for our drivers and security for all.

Fast Support

24x7 Technical support is available for everyone, either chat, call or email we are here for you.

We Make You Surprised

Get the best out of every ride you take with us! From affordable pick-ups to stylish drop-offs, there’s a ride for everyone in the Hustle community.


Wide range of prices – from the cheapest one on the market to luxury requests

Reasonable Fare

Low average ride fare comparing to competitors


Fast cab search and pick up time


Flexible payment options, including credit card, cash and crypto


Personalized offers and discounts


Rating and achievement system


Low 0% aggregator commission


Payment in the same day with the ride


Multiple map platform from google maps to Waze and in the near future will also support blockchain based maps that has proof of location protocol


Simplest registration process


Discounts from partnering car services and gas stations


Suitable for all drivers (no minimal car price or license required)


The first blockchain-based taxi service in Saudi Arabia

We want to introduce a taxi-ordering platform to the market that will cover the needs of all passenger and driver segments — price seekers, customers.

Flexible Payment

Flexible payment options, including credit card, cash and crypto, Lowest average ride fare comparing to competitors.

Cheapest Price

We provide the cheapest fare in the market.

Simplest App Ui

Hustle UI is the simplest and easy to understand even for new users, it is so intuitive no need for tutorials.

0% Commision

Hustle App will reshape the ride hailling industry and will forcefully shift the focus from the existing Commision based platform to decentralized network with its new economic model, where 100% of the fare paid by the riders goes directly to the drivers. Meaning the hustle App will take just 0% commision.

Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices from 4.1


Trusted Earning Platform

Our vision is to make everyday commuting simpler and more reliable. The blockchain platform for everybody. Therefore, licensed taxi drivers are becoming not that demanded as they were before. The situation in the market inspired us to create the platform designed to connect customers with professional and accredited drivers directly.

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Cheapest Ride

Lowest peer 2 peer transportation fare for customers with high returns for drivers.

Developing a technical platform with a solid eye on the future. Introducing advanced technologies to the transportation industry to enhance customer experience and achieve better business results.

With the implementation of our model it is expected that alot of drivers from our competitors will be converted to using our App.

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Trouble with Hustle?

Below are some Questions which might satisfy your thoughts if not feel free to use our support anytime.

How do I book Hustle?

Open the Hustle app on your Smartphone. You are automatically located via GPS. The ‚Taxi Radar’ function shows you all available taxis nearby. You confirm your location with your first click. In ‚Booking Overview’, you can change your pick-up address manually and, if required, enter a destination. You can also specify your individual booking options here. The next click confirms your address selection and your options, and you bindingly book a taxi. Your driver is displayed with photograph, name, rating and remaining distance

Does it cost anything to use the Hustle app?

Yes, you can download and use the app for free. There are no additional or hidden costs.

Do I lose my taxi booking if I close the app?

No, the booking continues even if you close the app. A push message is sent just before the taxi arrives. If you leave the app open, you can track the taxi's arrival live on the map.

Can I cancel my request?

Yes, but you should inform your driver anyway. Abusing the app can result in blocking of your account.

I need urgent assistance?

You can directly chat or call our customer service directly our dedicated team will be there to assist you.

Can I share my live ride?

Yes, with Hustle, you can share your live ride location to your family to ensure your safety. And we have SOS button within the app should you need urgent assistance.

How do I recognise my Hustle?

Your booking confirmation for your Hustle not only includes the name and phone number of your taxi driver, but also the vehicle registration.

Which taxis are requested?

Taxis in your immediate vicinity will receive a passenger request. The request is confirmed as soon as a driver accepts the booking. The "Taxi Radar" will show you all taxis nearby.

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